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#3851 Fixed Block Commented Includes Jos seadoggie01

Block commented out include files are reported as being missing. "!->Includefile <NonExistantInclude.au3> not found." Test code:

#include <NonExistantInclude.au3>
#3850 Fixed _WinAPI_GetDriveNumber never returns -1 as partition number Jpm AspirinJunkie

The documentation for _WinAPI_GetDriveNumber says:

[2] - The partition number, or (-1) if device cannot be partitioned.

This is consistent with the description of the STORAGE_DEVICE_NUMBER structure.

However, the problem here is that the PartitionNumber part is of data type DWORD - i.e. an unsigned integer. A value of -1 is therefore simply not possible. In C this is not a big problem, because DWORDs can also be tested for -1:

(DWORD)4294967295 == -1 // true

In AutoIt, however, 4294967295 is always returned in the case of -1 due to the conversion to Int64:

#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>

Local $aData = _WinAPI_GetDriveNumber('d:') ; a non partionable drive like a cd-drive
ConsoleWrite('Partition number: ' & $aData[2] & @CRLF)

Therefore, as a pragmatic solution, I suggest to change the structure definition as follows, deviating from the Win API documentation:

Local $tSDN = DllStructCreate('dword;dword;LONG')
#3849 Completed Server 2022 @OSVersion returns WIN_2019 Jon anonymous

Server 2022 was recently released just wanted to bring it to your attention. @OSVersion tested on beta

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