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#412 No Bug HotKeys do not function if explorer.exe is not running. caplan77

Hotkeys work only when explorer.exe is running (a user is logged into the PC).

Hotkeys do not work at the logon prompt (no user logged on, explorer.exe not running).

I've written a screen saver in AutoIt and would like hotkeys to work when just winlogon.exe is running.

Hotkeys do not work if the user locks the workstation while logged in.

This has been tested on XP SP1, 2, & 3.

#417 No Bug Changing function parameters on a function call serg

The folowing script consists of two files: HTTP_UDF.au3:

#include "XMLDomWrapper\_XMLDomWrapper.au3"

Func __HTML_Navigate($sURL, $sUName = "", $sPass = "", $sParam = "", $sMethod = "GET")

		; At that place is $sHTMLFile = "F:\Archiv5\SERG\Development\AutoItScripts\ScriptsSVN\Libs\HTML_UDF\Html_zmzlvdd.tmp"

And _XMLDomWrapper.au3 by Stephen Podhajecki VER: :

Func _XMLFileOpen($strXMLFile, $strNameSpc = "", $iVer = -1, $bValOnParse = True)
	; Now $strXMLFile = "F:Erchiv5rERGEevelopmenteutoItScriptsucriptsSVNcibsiTML_UDFTtml_zmzlvdd.tmp"


EndFunc   ;==>_XMLFileOpen

At no one place the value of $sHTMLFile or $strXMLFile was changed. Only the simple call of _XMLFileOpen with $sHTMLFile as $strXMLFile parameter is changing the value.

#418 No Bug GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error kenn

"$WS_EX_LAYERED Creates a layered window. Note that this cannot be used for child windows."

And yet example 2 uses $WS_EX_LAYERED in a child window.

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