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#305 Fixed GuiCtrlCreateCombo and GUICtrlSetFont causing highlight Jpm anonymous

Although there is a workaround, this should be fixed at the source. When using GuiCtrlCreateCombo and GUICtrlSetFont it is causing highlight the combo to be highlighted. See here:

#309 Fixed runas() from a network path Valik cjdoyle@…

I have written a script that will elevate an uninstall process to admin credentials. This works nicely when run from a local drive. However when run from a network path, the scripts pauses.

RunAs Command line reads:

RunAs($Admin, @LogonDomain, $AdminPwd,1,@ComSpec & ' /c ' & $RemoveOld)

As I'm using the @ComSpec /c, when running from local drive the command line box appears. When running same script (absolutely no changes) from a network path, this command line box does not appear.

To get around this I have created a .cmd file that copies the script file from the network path to the local drive and run script locally. Bit of a bummer!

#316 Fixed _Singleton sample invalid Jpm Hubertus72

Using version of AutoIt, the _Singleton sample is invalid. On first usage, it claims: "An occurence of test is already running" This is only true, if a backslash is in the OccurenceName. The sample uses "test\test". It should be mentioned in the helpfile, that a backslash is forbidden in the OccurenceName.

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