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#3803 No Bug ControlClick unaffected by MouseClickDownDelay kianisan@…

I recently opened up a post discussing how the "MouseClickDelay" option would work on both MouseClick and ControlClick but MouseClickDownDelay would only work on MouseClick and not ControlClick.

I have tested the following syntax:

Opt("MouseClickDelay", "100") ;This works with MouseClick and ControlClick Opt("MouseClickDownDelay", "100") ;This works with MouseClick but does nothing with ControlClick AutoItSetOption ("MouseClickDelay","100") ;Same as above AutoItSetOption ("MouseClickDownDelay","100") ;Same as above

(I tested without the "" marks surrounding the 100, same result) I tested this on the latest version and

To replicate this bug, feel free to use the code written by Nine:

Opt("MouseClickDownDelay", 250)
Local $hTimer = TimerInit()
ControlClick("", "", "", "left", 1, 100, 100)
ConsoleWrite (TimerDiff($hTimer) & @CRLF)

$hTimer = TimerInit()
MouseClick("left", 200, 200, 1, 0)
ConsoleWrite (TimerDiff($hTimer) & @CRLF)

Opt("MouseClickDownDelay", 10)
Opt("MouseClickDelay", 250)

$hTimer = TimerInit()
ControlClick("", "", "", "left", 2, 100, 100)
ConsoleWrite (TimerDiff($hTimer) & @CRLF)

$hTimer = TimerInit()
MouseClick("left", 200, 200, 2, 0)
ConsoleWrite (TimerDiff($hTimer) & @CRLF)
#3802 No Bug Window is not activated by a partial title Jon jamsnsou@…

A C# / .Net 5.0 console project.

using AutoIt;
using System;
using static AutoIt.AutoItX;

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", -2);

Console.WriteLine("Window activating...");

    "by partial title: " +

    "by full title: " +
    WinActivate("title - OneNote")

    "by handle: " +
    WinActivate(new IntPtr(0x0000000000250D90))

The output:

Window activating...
by partial title: 0
by full title: 1
by handle: 1

Why the partial title activation doesn't work?

#3801 Wont Fix AutoIt #include does not handle symlinks right if included file has #include-once genius257

It would be nice if AutoIt used something like GetFinalPathNameByHandleA, for checking if included files using #include-once was already included.

I've attached a Tar file for reproducing the Issue. Administrative rights are needed to unpack the file.

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