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#2947 No Bug Unable to automate (Save As dialog) for IE11 vnarenprasath@…

I am using the following code to download the file. It doesn't work with IE 11

ControlFocus($hWnd,"","Edit1") ; Wait for 2 seconds. Sleep(2000) ; Set the File name text on the Edit field ControlSetText($hWnd, "","Edit1", $CmdLine[3]) Sleep(2000) ; Click on the Open button ControlClick($hWnd, "","Button1");

#2948 No Bug Unable to automate downloads with download message box for IE11 &FF(Please refer the screenshot)sc vnarenprasath@…

Unable to automate the download message box for IE11 &FF.

#2358 Completed FileInstall: accept "" as "source" to include the current script Jon vlad@…

To the extent of my search, this issue wasn't raised before (sorry if I'm wrong).

I understand the FileInstall's "variable source" issues and I'm not touching that. I also know that AutoIt3Wrapper offers a similar feature (include the current script in the compiled package), but the extraction is somewhat more complex.

As a programmer, I believe that enhancing FileInstall to accept and empty string as "source" and to interpret that as a "placeholder" for the current file shouldn't be too complicated.

The advantages of such an approach would be to ease the file name based versioning if one wants to always include the original script in each compiled exe (the way it is now, the FileInstall() line has to be manually changed each time the script's file name changes).

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