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#420 No Bug Scope bug or mis-wording in documentation evilertoaster

As shown in this thread-

The For-Next loop does not always create variables in the local scope as defined by the help file. In particular, it seems to only create a local variable when the For-Next loop is in a function, but creates a global variable when the loop is outside a function.

If it is intended behavior, a slight re-wording of the help file seems in order. As it stands now-


The Variable will be created automatically with a LOCAL scope, even when MustDeclareVars is on.
#421 No Bug Error in reading status of Radio Button tim@…

I am trying to read the state of a Radio button on my form.

$retval = ControlCommand ( "MyTestApp", "", "[]",  "IsChecked", "" )

$retval always returns 0

When I view the button control with Au3info I can see the style toggle between 0x5601000B (on) and 0x5600000B (off)

I don't know the function call to read the style information (if such a function exists) I am either using the function incorrectly or I have discovered a bug

#428 No Bug avast antivirus blocking autoit as a virus fred.dixon@…

the july-03-08 virus sigs update is now blocking autoit scripts from running by not alowing autoit.exe to run. the scripts blocked are ones that i have authored for simple process kills. so avast is show a false positive in this case. cant seem to get through to avast on this issue.

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