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#2879 Wont Fix objcreate("Microsoft.Update.Session","REMOTEHOST") is not connecting to REMOTEHOST devilman16

I want to list the installed Windows Updates on a remote system, but objcreate don't creates a remote object, it defines the object local -> no @error or else:

$objSession = ObjCreate("Microsoft.Update.Session","REMOTEHOST")
$objSearcher = $objSession.CreateUpdateSearcher 
$patches = $objSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=1 and Type='Software'") 
$InstalledCount = $patches.Updates.Count 

@error returns 0 and i get the $InstalledCount from the local system i run the script from - NOT the REMOTEHOST

In VBS it is working, and also if i make a workaround over ScriptControl

$strWks = "REMOTEHOST" 
$objSC = ObjCreate("MSScriptControl.ScriptControl") 
$objSC.Language = "VBScript" 
$code = 'Set Session = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.Session","' & $strWks & '")' 
$objSession = $objSC.codeobject.session 
$objSearcher = $objSession.CreateUpdateSearcher 
$colUpdates = $objSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=1 and Type='Software'") 
$InstalledCount = $colUpdates.Updates.Count 

I think its a bug that it connect to the local system not the remotesystem


#943 No Bug not correct prcocedure anonymous
;Exemple 1 (Need return "ds")
$i =StringLen($q)
$i -= 1
Until IsNumber(StringMid($q,$i,1)) = StringMid($q,$i,1) And isNumber(StringMid($q,$i+1,1)) = StringMid($q,$i+1,1)
MsgBox(0,"",StringMid($q,$i,1)& StringMid($q,$i+1,1))

;Exemple 2 
MsgBox(0,'its String!',IsString(StringMid($q,2,1)));(Need return "0" )
MsgBox(0,'its Number!',IsNumber(StringMid($q,2,1)));(Need return "1")
#432 No Bug new version au3 always UPX compresses vr@…

The previous version of AutoIT permitted people to optionally UPX compress an exe...If the exe was NOT UPX compressed, people could use a third party compression program to compress the snot out of the autoit executable !!!! In addition, you state that your compression method is not secure...The third party compression scheme is difficult for hackers to crack...In addition, my program is now about 70000 bytes bigger and will not fit on one floppy disk which was the entire point and main selling feature of my program, i.e, that it fits on one floppy disk!!!!!

If you could please give people the option of NOT UPX compressing the exe in the new autoit version, that might solve my problem!

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