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#1228 Completed FTPEx.au3 missing callback parameter for some functions. Jpm Beege

Each one of these functions use another function that allows a callback($l_Context) to be passed, but dosent include an option to pass the callback. _FTP_DirPutContents uses _FTP_FilePut _Ftp_ListToArray, _Ftp_ListToArray2D, _FTP_ListToArrayEx all use Internel _FTP_ListToArray which uses _FTP_FindFileFirst.

One small problem(not really a problem) that i ran into with this is that if you use a callback with _FTP_Connect, every time you use these functions _FTP_Connect reports that a handle has been created. Since the callback is not passed to the any of these functions, they do not report that the handle is being closed which made it apperar like I had all these open handles or something.

Documentation changes to $l_Context discription. Here is the current descriptions: _FTP_Connect - 'Optional, I dont got a clue what this does.' _FTP_FileOpen - '(Not Used) See notes below. _FTP_FileGet - '(Not Used) in case someone can use it.' _FTP_FilePut - '(Not Used) in case someone can use it.' _FTP_FindFileFirst - '(Not Used) in case someone can use it.' _FTP_Command - 'Optional, A pointer to a variable that contains an application-defined value used to identify the application context in callback operations'

I feel that all of these descriptions should be the same. Having them all point to _FTP_FileOpen might be good because that function includes a true desription about what it is and the requirements(InternetSetStatusCallback) to use it.


#1287 Fixed _Debug functions are changing Blockinput() Flag Valik Beege

The problem can be seen using _DebugOut or _DebugSetup examples from documentation. I believe the problem is coming from internel function _Debug_ReportWrite(). The last line of the function should be "If Not $bBlock then Blockinput(1)"

#1380 Fixed Inform user of required parameters in _Timer_Settimer() Jpm Beege

Perhaps a remark could be added to help file to inform the user that the callback function they create MUST include parameters $hWnd, $Msg, $iIDTimer, $dwTime for it to work. As always, thanks for all your hard work.

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