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#3839 Rejected User data in control anonymous

I suggest adding functions to associate data (of any type) with the control. This will greatly simplify the development of scripts with a graphical interface that work with data.

GUISetParam($vData [, $hGui])
GUICtrlSetParam($idCtrl, $vData)
TrayItemSetParam($idCtrl, $vData)


Many UI frameworks for other programming languages provide this opportunity. For example the "Tag" field in C# WinForms, WPF, UWP... WinAPI also has the ability to store a pointer to user data (!) and AutoIt uses this for its own purposes, but does not give users this opportunity.

#3837 Rejected StringFormat() number of replacements performed stored in the @extended macro mLipok

I was thinking today about how to dermine how many (or if any) replacement was taken.

It is realated to my PR on GitHub:

I found that: StringReplace() function set the number of replacements performed stored in the @extended macro.

I was searching for the same feature for StringFormat() with no success.

Please consider to add such feature for StringFormat().

#3836 Fixed FileExists with trailing quotation mark Jon therks@…

Mentioned here first:

For some reason FileExists is treating paths that end with a quote mark (or multiple marks) as valid.

; Assuming File.txt exists:
ConsoleWrite(FileExists('File.txt'))   ; Returns 1
ConsoleWrite(FileExists('"File.txt"')) ; Returns 0
ConsoleWrite(FileExists('"File.txt'))  ; Returns 0
ConsoleWrite(FileExists('File.txt"'))  ; Returns 1
ConsoleWrite(FileExists('File.txt""')) ; Returns 1
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