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#829 Rejected move in SCITE the tabbed-windows godzail/gadzail

Hi all, I hope to be in the right place (excuse me if not).

I request the feature to move the tabbed-windows in SCITE like (for example) Notepad++.

For example, I have 4 files open (a1.au3, a2.au3, a1.ini and a2.ini), I would like to move the tabbed-windows to obtain this order: a1.au3, a1.ini,a2.au3,a2.ini.

Thanks in advance.

#1474 Works For Me mouseClick not working on windows 7 gregfamilton@…

I have scripts that worked on Windows XP no longer work on Windows7. Scripts may work one time in 10. I functions that seem be be effected include: MouseClick MouseClickDrag MouseDown _WinAPI_Mouse_Event

For example, the following code resizes a windows, by clicking and dragging the bottom corner : [code] Opt("MustDeclareVars",1)

dim $testTitle="some window title" dim $winPos = WinGetPos($testTitle) dim $newWidth = 710

MouseClickDrag ( "left",$winpos[0]+$winPos[2]-5,$winpos[1]+$winPos[3]-5, _



This works fine on my Win XP computer, but not on my Windows 7 computer. On the windows 7 computer you see the mouse move, but no 'clicking' is taking place.

Is there some way I can work around this problem?

#2633 Rejected more possibilities when assigning values to variables anonymous

Just a few nice things that will probably be rejected: 1)

$a = $b = $c = 0
; $a = 0
; $b = 0
; $c = 0


$a, $b, $c = 1, 2, 3
; $a = 1
; $b = 2
; $c = 3

3) (my favorite)

$a, $b = $b, $a
; $a = the old value of $b
; $b = the old value of $a
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