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#1481 Fixed _GUICtrlHeader UDF not using correct character set Jpm Beege

I know I'm not using the correct terminology so I'm sorry about that but for some reason the default character set is non-english. Even more strange, when I set it to use unicodeformat, it will then start to display English characters correctly. I saw this when testing _GUICtrlHeader examples from the documentation. I am posting a snap shot of the header from example _GUICtrlHeader_Create() to better describe what im trying to report.

AutoIt: (Os:WIN_7/X86 Language:0409 Keyboard:00000409 Cpu:X64)

#1499 Fixed Performance increase to internal __FTP_ListToArray() Jpm Beege

In the current internal function _FTP_ListToArray, every time a new item is added to the array, the array is Resized by only +1, which can be a major performance hit when getting directory listing of large numbers. If we instead Resize by ubound*2, and then trim unused slots at the end of function, we can avoid a lot or resizing. I learned this method from the original _filelisttoarray() func.

I have included a example with changes to the function and a demonstration of the new vs. old. I have put a set of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX around any lines that I changed or added. Not that many changes were needed since the function already kept track of array size in index $array[0]. Thank you for your consideration and hard work in creating this wonderful language.:)

#1500 Fixed _FTP_DirSetCurrent() Return Value Jpm Beege

The current documentation of _FTP_DirSetCurrent() states that the return value is the Directory Name when it actually returns True if successfully set.

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