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#194 Fixed Minor SciTeConfig error KentonBomb@…

Not anything major.

If you go to SciTe Config from the Tools menu in SciTe, and you press "Check for Updates", if there is no updates available, the Messagebox says "No Updates available" with "Yes" and "No" buttons.

It's clear what is supposed to be across, but to new users, it could be a bit confusing to says "Yes" or "No" to something that isn't a question :)

#196 Rejected Enable shell printing of AutoIt source code apoliak@…

Most document types (at least the ones that come from Microsoft), provide a "Print" shell command, which Windows uses to figure out how to print or fax a document when using COM objects such as FAXCOMEX.FaxDocument. As it currently stands, a sample script (Originally in VBScript, translated to AutoIt) fails when called with an AutoIt script file name, works when called with the file's extension changed to .TXT, and works when the Print shell command is added to the AutoIt Script entry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\AutoIt3Script\Shell\print\command) , which in my case, I set to print with Notepad, since SciTE does not yet support the ability to print from the Command Line (although a script could be written that would call the print command). The command line I used (Default Value for Command key) is '%SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE /p "%1"' (type REG_EXPAND_SZ), and it prints the source just fine.

It's a trivial change, but I think it would benefit programmers/system administrators to be able to programatically print any file in their system.

I bring this up because I am coding an email-to-FAX gateway, and as it is coded right now, it sends documents based on how they are printed by the Windows Shell (I might solve it by adding a Convert-To-PDF client-side feature once the server becomes stable)

#197 Rejected $CmdLine as @CmdLine Richard Robertson

I propose that $CmdLine may be changed to a macro to reduce confusion. I saw a thread where a user attempted to assign to the variable $cmdline and got an error. By changing the symbol to the @ macro style, it would alleviate any ideas of ever reassigning it.

For reference, the post was found here.

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