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#1957 No Bug discuss beta here returns john.lill@…
#2797 No Bug wrong download link anonymous

The setup for version that you can download from here is the installer for version

#2729 No Bug 32-bit integers converted to doubles after division czardas

Perhaps not everyone will agree with me, but I consider this a bug:

Local $sHex12 = 8987712 ; This is an integer.

While Not Mod($sHex12 ,2) ; Floats are not allowed
    $sHex12 /=2 ; The loop terminates when this value becomes odd

MsgBox(0, $sHex12, IsInt($sHex12)) ; This is still an integer: since it has been forced in the code above

; $sHex12 = Int($sHex12) ; Converting to an Integer fixes the problem

$sHex12 = Hex($sHex12, 6) ; 000000 is the wrong answer
MsgBox(0, "", $sHex12) ; The 32-bit int has been converted to a double

The conversion to a double messes up bitwise functionality with 32-bit integers, and it also seems to contradict my (perhaps limited) understanding of consistency with programming language architecture. The division in my code above should never produce a float. This bug first appeared in AutoIt v

Also related to this issue is the inconsistency with IsInt() contradicting IsFloat().

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