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#2185 Fixed 32-bit scripts in system32 on 64-bit Windows probably fail when using FileInstall() Valik

Check that FileInstall() works when a 32-bit script is stored in system32 on 64-bit Windows. If it does fail - like I expect - then fix it.

Reminder to self.

#1717 No Bug 32Bit Compiled exe with a Ping does not work on a 64 Bit Windows 7 akann@…

If you use the Ping(..) function in a 32bit compiled script on an 64bit computer, the ping function always returns 1 as roundtrip and 0 as error, even if the pinged host is not existent. Compiling as 64bit executable works fine.

Even running the *.au3 with AutoIt3.exe or AutoIt3_x64.exe works well and returns correct values. (0 as roundtrip and error = 1 Host offline.

Script used:

Global $dest="" ; + 1, not existent If @Compiled Then $dest = $CmdLine[1] $rt = Ping ($dest, 1000) MsgBox (16,"", "Dest.: " &$dest &" ! Roundtrip: " &$rt &" ! Error: " &@error)

Tested on:

W7 x64 MUI DE, w2k3 se x64 EN, xp de 32Bit and w2k3 32 bit de (Sorry, no vista, no W7 32Bit, xp 64 available.)

All run as virtual machines on Vmware Player latest version, all latest service packs and all windows updates installed.

Best Regards Andreas Kann, Germany

#1384 Fixed 404 Not Found error when clicking links for explanations of functions Jpm LA_Swamprat@…

In the GUI Basic Functions sections on page I found that the links for GUICtrlCreate and GUICtrlSet result in 404 Not Found errors. (There are about a half-dozen function links in this section, but I did not check all the links so I do not know if other functions have this same problem.)


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