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#119 Rejected GuiCtrlGet* WeaponX

We can set these options but how do we get them?

GUICtrlSetBkColor -> GUICtrlGetBkColor GUICtrlSetColor -> GUICtrlGetColor GUICtrlSetCursor -> GUICtrlGetCursor GUICtrlSetFont -> GUICtrlGetFont

GUICtrlSetPos -> GUICtrlGetPos (same as ControlGetPos?)

#120 Rejected StringSplit limit parameter Paulie

StringSplit("String","delimiters"[, flag [,limit]])

I was wondering how big of a hassle it would be to make StringSplit have an additional optional parameter that would limit the amount of splits. Similar to PHPs "explode"


$String = "Test1|Test2|Test3|Test4"
$Result = StringSplit($String, "|",1,2);<-2 would split to 2 elements (perform 1 split)

$Result[0] = 2 (redundant i suppose :\) $Result[1] = "Test1" $Result[2] = "Test2|Test3|Test4"


There have been multiple time that I've found myself splitting a long string only to use the first few elements, while it hasn't been a problem to use the current stringsplit for this, it seems like a feature that wouldn't hurt (especially considering it would be an optional param, so no script breaks)

I'm sure it's been considered, but i didn't see it suggested. Thanks.

#121 Fixed StringSplit not case sensitive for separator with multiple characters as group Jpm randallc

Whereas; separator with Individual characters, or separator with multiple characters as group -both- are case sensitive;

  1. Could this be documented if not regarded as a bug?

Please clarify intended behaviour? Thanks, Randall

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