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#217 No Bug AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui Bug Paulchen

Line 1468 on Version is wrong

Update_Directive($Full_source, $directives, "AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64", $INP_Change2CUI, "n", "1=y;0=n;4=n")  

Update_Directive($Full_source, $directives, "#'''AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI'''", $INP_Change2CUI, "n", "1=y;0=n;4=n")  ;+pt
#220 Rejected FileInstall() with a default source file. aGorilla

Disclaimer: I completely understand why FileInstall can't include variables (it happens at compile time, not run time).

I've also looked for similar suggestions, and haven't found one (my apologies if this has been suggested before), so here goes...

How about having some default file that contains a list of files (with fully qualified paths) to install? Give it some outlandish name (eg: 'au3inludes.aui'), and if it's present at compile time, the compiler will read them in, and add them to the executable.

Every time FileInstall is called, even with no parameters (or an empty string, as a placeholder), it checks for @ScriptDir\au3inludes.aui, and if present, reads through it line by line and adds the file.

Might want to change the return, 0/1 stay the way they are, add -1 for 'some files not found'.

Crazy? Stupid? Possible? Likely to happen?

#221 Rejected Classes JonnyThunder


It'd be great if you guys included classes in a future version of AutoIT. I think it would promote more people writing UDFs which are a little more flexible.

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