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#520 No Bug WMI SwbemRefresher Object used in a loop has memory leak PsaltyDS

Ref: Example Scripts, _ProcessListProperties() function

The _ProcessListProperties() function uses an SwbemRefresher object to get performance data for processes (CPU and MEM usage). If the function is called in a loop, there is a bad memory leak (monitored from Task Manager):

{{{HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Quit")

; Loop to watch for memory leak While 1

_ProcessListProperties() Sleep(500)


Func _Quit()


EndFunc ;==>_Quit }}}

Moving the creation of the SwbemRefresher outside the function (and loop) so it is only created once, makes the leak go away. (See topic post for code)

Removing all items and then releasing the object with $oRefresher.DeleteAll and $oRefresher = 0 does not change the memory leak.

#521 No Bug Forum Upload Issue HeidiR

I'm not sure if this is the right place to report forum issues. However, It appears that I have about 400K out of 1MB of upload space but zero attachments in the Manage Current Attachments drop-down. Where can I find / delete the file that is consuming space?

#525 No Bug 0x8007007E error when compiled 32 bit. OK when compiled 64 bit. Reopened. drummer

The Run function returns error 0x8007007E when I run the attached script after compiling for 32 bit. It works fine when compiled 64 bit or if run as a script (Testit2.AU3). My environment is Vista Ultimate 64 bit version. W32tm.exe which is being run exists in C:\Windows\System32. This bug was originally submitted as #469. I specified the full path as was suggested and the problem still occurs. This really does seem to be a bug.


  • Dave
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