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#820 Completed Speed enhancement to _FileListToArray Gary Spiff59

_FileListToArray is an often-used and time-consuming function. Almost the entire processing time of the function is spent within a FileFindNextFile loop. Within the existing loop are two seperate compares testing the value of a passed parameter.

I propose inserting a Switch statement, which will drive three seperate While loops. This allows the removal of the two tests from the exisitng While loop.

The fucntionality of the routine remains identical, but adding one Switch statements prohibits the execution of potentially tens of thousands of unnecessary compares. The attached _FileListToArray consistantly ran about 13% faster on my machine, regardless of the size of the returned array.

#827 Rejected _DateDayOfWeek Gary tayoufabrice@…

why the _DateDayOfWeek do not return the date in the environnement language

in my case _DateDayOfWeek ( 1) = "Monday" False

_DateDayOfWeek ( 1) = "Lundi" True because I am francisant

#840 Works For Me _SQlite_Query fails to execute query Gary ivanperez.x@…

From the example in the help file this should output Hello World

#include <SQLite.au3>
#include <SQLite.dll.au3>

Local $hQuery, $aRow, $sMsg
_SQLite_Startup ()
ConsoleWrite("_SQLite_LibVersion=" &_SQLite_LibVersion() & @CR)
_SQLite_Open () ; open :memory: Database
_SQLite_Exec (-1, "CREATE TABLE aTest (a,b,c);") ; CREATE a Table
_SQLite_Exec (-1, "INSERT INTO aTest(a,b,c) VALUES ('c','2','World');") ; INSERT Data
_SQLite_Exec (-1, "INSERT INTO aTest(a,b,c) VALUES ('b','3',' ');") ; INSERT Data
_SQLite_Exec (-1, "INSERT INTO aTest(a,b,c) VALUES ('a','1','Hello');") ; INSERT Data
_SQlite_Query (-1, "SELECT c FROM aTest ORDER BY a;", $hQuery) ; the query
While _SQLite_FetchData ($hQuery, $aRow) = $SQLITE_OK
    $sMsg &= $aRow[0]
_SQLite_Exec (-1, "DROP TABLE aTest;") ; Remove the table
MsgBox(0,"SQLite","Get Data using a Query : " &  $sMsg )

I suppose this is due to a change in the sqlite version to 3.3.7, whereas in the previous release of autoit it used to be 3.4.0. Other functions may also be failing in this UDF. I'll check them out, but prior to this I want to make sure this is a real bug.

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