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#125 Rejected codexecute spyrorocks

Hey au3dev team!

I have been using autoit for over 2 years now, and time and time again I have been wanting a special function...

some sort of a executecode() or au3exc() type function that would/could work something like this:

$code = 'for $i = 0 to 5'&@crlf&'msgbox(0,"", $i)'&@crlf&'next' au3exc($code)

Then the autoit code inside $code would be ran. Some options to have its own environment would be cool as well, and make it more dynamic such as something like this:

$environment = au3createenvrio() au3exc("func hello()"&@crlf&"code...."&"endfunc", $environment) au3exc("hello()", $environment) au3exc("msgbox(0, , 'hello dude this code does not have access to the hello() function because its not using the environment that the hello function was created in')")

Any code not executed in a special created environment would be executed in the main autoit environment.

The environment could also share variables and such. I believe functions like this would bring autoit to a new level of awesomeness as well as opening up many new types of applications, like a better web preprocessor.

I hope you consider this, it is my dream autoit function(s), and if its hard to understand I encourage you to email me or PM me on the au3 forums.

Thanks for listening, Spyrorocks [spyrorocks@…]

#126 Rejected Add @LF to end of ConsoleWrite/WriteError JamesB


Recently I have been working on a couple of functions which I use the console to debug with. At one point I had 56 consolewrites. Writing @CRLF/@LF et cetra is a long way of doing things.

I was wandering if it is possible to have the new line automatically added?

Thanks, James

#127 No Bug GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Beejai <bjoern@…>


when you create a Datepicker with GUICtrlCreateDate and make it "$DTS_TIMEFORMAT" to be a timepicker, the control looks fine. GUICtrlRead works fine on it and gets the time string. But GUICtrlSetData does not work as expected. When I try to fill the field with that function with a timestring, the result is wrong. Only when I add a Date to the Timestring, it displays the correct time:

GUICtrlSetData(Eval ( "Time1"),"2000/01/01 " & $PEA_time[1])

This is unexpected, because GUICtrlRead returns only the time.

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