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#850 Fixed _ExcelReadSheetToArray doesn't work with German Excel 2003 Gary Prog@…

In _ExcelReadSheetToArray, the last-cell-string is Split by the character 'R' and 'C' for Row and Column. The problem is, Excel localizes this string, e.g. German: 'Z' (Zeile) instead of 'R' and 'S' (Spalte) instead of 'C'. So, the cell coordinates should be rad with a language-independant StringRegExp:

    Local $sLastCell = $oExcel.Application.Selection.SpecialCells($xlCellTypeLastCell).Address(True, True, $xlR1C1)
    ; Extract integer last row and col
    $sLastCell = StringRegExp($sLastCell,"\A[^0-9]*(\d+)[^0-9]*(\d+)\Z",3)
    Local $iLastRow = $sLastCell[0]
    Local $iLastColumn = $sLastCell[1]
#916 Fixed Line inversion in INet.au3 Gary jchd <usenet@…>

There's a little bug in Inet.au3.

Func _INetExplorerCapable($s_IEString)

If StringLen($s_IEString) <= 0 Then

Return SetError(1) ; <-- unreachable code


should be:

Func _INetExplorerCapable($s_IEString)

If StringLen($s_IEString) <= 0 Then

SetError(1) Return


I've contacted the author who replied he lost interest with AutoIt and now favors C++. Well, noone's perfect ;-)

Please make the correction for next release, it's only a couple of seconds away to get it right.

Thank you.

#930 No Bug Arraydisplay does not display everything Gary wimhek

When a row in an arry contains a '|' dislaying of the line stops.

#include <Array.au3> dim $aaa [2]

$aaa [0] = "Ape|Nut|Mary|Wim" $aaa [1] = "Ape;Nut;Mary;Wim"


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