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#861 Fixed Grammer Mistake Jpm BinaryBrother

I'm not real sure this belongs here, but I thought it to be relevant based on Wikipedia's definition of 'Software_Bug'. Although it's not truly software side, it is related to AutoIt... The AutoIt Help-File has a grammar mistake under the function


(not described either in Microsoft dosumentation).

Direct quote above... As you can see dosumentation, is misspelled!

I'm not harking, or anything... I'm just trying to help... :)

#2349 Works For Me Windows 8 #RequireAdmin Broken in Scite BinaryBrother@…

If you open Scite normally, by double clicking on the icon, on a stock Windows 8 install and try to build any script with the #RequireAdmin tag. It will simply cease to function. Here is a replicating video.

#include <Crypt.au3> #RequireAdmin ConsoleWrite("Are we even initializing??" & @CRLF) _Crypt_Startup() If FileExists("C:\Windows\Explorer.exe") Then ConsoleWrite("FFMPEG does exist." & @CRLF) $FFMPEG_MD5 = _Crypt_HashFile("C:\Windows\Explorer.exe", $CALG_MD5) If @error Then

consolewrite("Error detected..." & @CRLF)


_Crypt_Shutdown() ConsoleWrite($FFMPEG_MD5 & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite("Why do you hate me?" & @CRLF)

#2373 Fixed @ScriptDir returns trailing slash BinaryBrother@…

@ScriptDir is returning a trailing slash for me, consistently, on the machine that I'm currently using.

The problem is either in functionality or documentation. The help documentation says that this Macro will NOT return a trailing slash.

Windows 7 x86 UAC Enabled -All Stock

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