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#1008 No Bug Math function mod( ) result display bug txj

code like this

MsgBox(0, "result", mod(-3, -1))

display is -0 , it is incorrect, it must be displayed as 0 .

I hope this bug changed in the next version( of AutoIt.

my operating system is Simplified Chinese Windows 2000 advanced server + SP4 + Rollup1 + many hotfixes.

#1590 Rejected restore FileOpen("con", 4) in AutoIt Jon txj

in AutoIt, statement

  FileOpen("con", 4)

open console, then user can input from keyboard, programmer can handle user input.

but from AutoIt, 4---the "RAW" reading mode from FileOpen() has been removed, this make no simple method to accept user input from keyboard in AutoIt.

I hope restore

  FileOpen("con", 4)

in AutoIt

#1626 Fixed TCPSend( ) only transmits half simplified Chinese characters Jpm txj

In AutoIt, run example in TCPRecv( ) first, then run example in TCPSend( ).

now, input some simplified Chinese characters in "Data for Server" dialog box, only half simplified Chinese characters diaplayed in "My Server" dialog box. see picture.

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