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#128 Completed Accelerator Tables Jon Saunders <admin@…>

Edited by Valik

Add native support for accelerator tables.

#129 Fixed "Bugs" on the main Trac page (Jon's links do not work) Saunders <admin@…>

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place... The links to custom queries that Jon put on the front page of the Trac are not working (lead to no results pages). On a quick check it appears that the type parameter in the URLs are case sensitive so where he has: It needs to be:

Same for the Feature Request links.

#130 Fixed _GUICtrlListView_InsertGroup incorrect parameters order in the docs Gary MsCreatoR

Description in the help file for _GUICtrlListView_InsertGroup function have small typo (incorrect order in the parameters).

It sais:


$hWnd Handle to the control

$iIndex Index where the group is to be added. If this is -1, the group is added at the end of the list.

$sHeader Header text

$iGroupID ID of the group

$iAlign Alignment of the header text for the group:

0 - Left 1 - Center 2 - Right

But the $sHeader and $iGroupID needs to be switched, due to syntax descriptions (and the function's work of course):

_GUICtrlListView_InsertGroup($hWnd, $iIndex, $iGroupID, $sHeader[, $iAlign = 0])
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