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#958 Fixed _ArrayDisplay - bad centering of window after adjust its width Gary Zedna

Inside this function there is code for adjusting width of window according to columns width but after this adjusting window is not centered on the screen.

original code:

	; ajust window width
	$iWidth = 0
	For $i = 0 To $iSubMax + 1
		$iWidth += GUICtrlSendMsg($hListView, $_ARRAYCONSTANT_LVM_GETCOLUMNWIDTH, $i, 0)
	If $iWidth < 250 Then $iWidth = 230
	WinMove($hGUI, "", Default, Default, $iWidth + 20)

corrected code:

	; ajust window width
	$iWidth = 0
	For $i = 0 To $iSubMax + 1
		$iWidth += GUICtrlSendMsg($hListView, $_ARRAYCONSTANT_LVM_GETCOLUMNWIDTH, $i, 0)
	If $iWidth < 250 Then $iWidth = 230
	$iWidth += 20
	WinMove($hGUI, "", (@DesktopWidth - $iWidth)/2, Default, $iWidth)

#962 Completed SQLite - update it to latest version Gary Zedna

SQLite is in 3.6.7 version in AutoIt 3.3.0

According to There are is version with speed/functionality enhancements. At this time there is latest version 3.6.14 from 2009-05-07

2009 May 7 (3.6.14)

    * Added the optional asynchronous VFS module.
    * Enhanced the query optimizer so that virtual tables are able to make use of OR and IN operators in the WHERE clause.
    * Speed improvements in the btree and pager layers.
    * Added the SQLITE_HAVE_ISNAN compile-time option which will cause the isnan() function from the standard math library to be used instead of SQLite's own home-brew NaN checker.
    * Countless minor bug fixes, documentation improvements, new and improved test cases, and code simplifications and cleanups. 

2009 April 13 (3.6.13)

    * Fix a bug in version 3.6.12 that causes a segfault when running a count(*) on the sqlite_master table of an empty database. Ticket #3774.
    * Fix a bug in version 3.6.12 that causes a segfault that when inserting into a table using a DEFAULT value where there is a function as part of the DEFAULT value expression. Ticket #3791.
    * Fix data structure alignment issues on Sparc. Ticket #3777.
    * Other minor bug fixes. 

2009 March 31 (3.6.12)

    * Fixed a bug that caused database corruption when an incremental_vacuum is rolled back in an in-memory database. Ticket #3761.
    * Added the sqlite3_unlock_notify() interface.
    * Added the reverse_unordered_selects pragma.
    * The default page size on windows is automatically adjusted to match the capabilities of the underlying filesystem.
    * Add the new ".genfkey" command in the CLI for generating triggers to implement foreign key constraints.
    * Performance improvements for "count(*)" queries.
    * Reduce the amount of heap memory used, especially by TRIGGERs.

2009 Feb 18 (3.6.11)

    * Added the hot-backup interface.
    * Added new commands ".backup" and ".restore" to the CLI.
    * Added new methods backup and restore to the TCL interface.
    * Improvements to the syntax bubble diagrams
    * Various minor bug fixes 

2009 Jan 15 (3.6.10)

    * Fix a cache coherency problem that could lead to database corruption. Ticket #3584. 

2009 Jan 14 (3.6.9)

    * Fix two bugs, which when combined might result in incorrect query results. Both bugs were harmless by themselves; only when they team up do they cause problems. Ticket #3581. 

2009 Jan 12 (3.6.8)

    * Added support for nested transactions
    * Enhanced the query optimizer so that it is able to use multiple indices to efficiently process OR-connected constraints in a WHERE clause.
    * Added support for parentheses in FTS3 query patterns using the SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS compile-time option.
#974 Fixed WindowFromPoint API function tagPoint structure on x64 based systems Gary level20peon

After some tests it turned out that using the _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint function the x-coordinate is given back correctly but the y-coordinate always returns zero.

Seems that the WindowFromPoint WinAPI function returns a tagPoint structure containing int and long (?) on x64 based systems.

Running this script in x86 mode works just fine.

#include <WinAPI.au3>

$pos = _WinAPI_GetMousePos()
$hwnd = _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint($pos)
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