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#544 No Bug Read from console with FileRead paulpmeier

The description of this feature I missed in the AutoIt Help: FileOpen("con", 4) opens console for binary input.


$input = ""
ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & "Write some text and close with ENTER: ")

$file = FileOpen("con", 4)
While 1
	$chr = FileRead($file, 1)
	If $chr = @CR Then ExitLoop
	$input = $input & BinaryToString($chr)

ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & "Input was: " & $input & @CRLF)

Compile as CUI and start the exe-file from console prompt. (Tested with AutoIt and Windows XP SP2)


#547 No Bug WinGetHandle and WinGetTitle under Vista Developer@…

Under Vista, the WinGetHandle function does not return the handle of a window belonging to a process owned by another user. ProcessExists does, however, return the PID of the process. ProcessList also "sees" the processes owned by another user.

Log on as User01. Launch Notepad.exe.

Via Fast User Switching, log on as User02.

A simple script asking "Does process notepad.exe exists" will return the PID of the notepad process owned by User01. However, neither WinGetHandle (see help documentation) or WinGetTitle running under User02 can "see" the windows to the notepad.exe owned by User01.

#549 No Bug ControlSend sometimes sends wrong text www.songwei@…

ControlSend sometimes sends wrong text. For example, I want to send "www.songwei@…", but I get "wWW>songwei@…" or "". That is, ControlSend adds or removes a Shift in the text.

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