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#2675 Completed installdir.htm - Extras mlipok

Documentation in installdir.htm do not mention anything about Geshi folder.

Please consider adding an appropriate description.

#629 No Bug iniwrite / iniread doesn't work on file called "clock.ini" alucke@…

The code

$ini = @ScriptDir&"\clock.ini"
MsgBox(1,"",IniRead ( $ini, "Settings", "test", "nix" ))
IniWrite ( $ini, "Settings", "test", "13" )

on first execution the message is "nix" on second execution it's "13", but the file "clock.ini" is NOT created, nowhere on the entire disk I can find the file. But still the value is stored somewhere.

Naming the file to "click.ini" works as expected.

There is something special about the filename "clock.ini".

I searched the registry and found that instead of storing the data in the file it got stored in the registry:


#1550 Rejected inireadsection lite

Hello Autoit-Developers

Is it possible to add a @error number to inireadsection on empty section ? current the same results @error=1 section is empty end section not exists. i need different results, @error is section is empty. e.g. @error=2


[section2] key=value



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