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#438 Fixed Vista 64: ProgramDir Marc


under Vista64 we find two Program Files-Folders:

  1. Program Files
  2. Program Files (x86)

The help file suggests

@SystemDrive & "\Program Files(x86)"

But: The Macro @SystemDrive does not exist and there is a space missing before the "(x86).

Funny thing: When pressing F5, Scite launches the X86 Version from AutoIt (at least, I think so), because @programdir resolves to the x86 version. If the .au3 script is started from the explorer, the x64 version is used and fails to find the program the script should launches.

#440 Fixed EOF character at end of script causes parse error. Jpm ptheckler@…

Some editor programs add an EOF character (hex 1A) to the end of a text flat file for DOS compatibility. AutoIt versions 3.0 and 3.1 recognized this character for what it was or ignored it. Version interprets it as the first character of another statement and generates a "Parse" error message. Please make AutoIt like it was before in this regard. Thank you.

#449 Fixed Problems with XP x64 redirection Jpm BikinDutchman

x86 Scripts and compiled executables expand program and system dirs as follows: @ProgramFilesDir -> C:\Program Files (x86) @SystemDir -> C:\Windows\System32

With redirection disabled (Help file) this changes into: @ProgramFilesDir -> C:\Program Files @SystemDir -> C:\Windows\System32

In summary I have never been able the expand: @SystemDir -> C:\Windows\SysWOW64

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