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#233 Works For Me Inetget + "automatically detect proxy settings" = HUGE RAM usage anonymous

Tried this post in the forum but didn't get any reply... so I'm thinking it's a real bug and this is the right place for it. So here you go...

I'm using Winter's WeeWar Notifier (see his post # 53213 in the forums) and I was surprised to see it using 600+ MB of RAM!

I did some testing and it looks like the problem happens when he calls InetGet() and I have my IE proxy settings set to "automatically detect proxy settings". If I uncheck that option and manually code in the proxy config then there is no problem. But as soon as you check that box every call to InetGet() sucks another 30+ MB of RAM away. The problem doesn't occur if you don't save the download to a file, but then what good is that?

I'm using v of autoit, WinXP SP2, IE 7.

To replicate you have to set up an auto-proxy, but with that this code snippet shows the behavior (look in task manager at autoit3.exe memory usage)

while 1
$testResults = InetGet ("","d:\output.htm", 1,1) ; <- bad!
;also bad -> InetGet ("","d:\output.htm", 1,1)
;also bad -> InetGet ("","d:\output.htm")
;good! but doesn't do anything useful -> InetGet ("")
$button = MsgBox(1,"","go again?")
if $button == 2 Then ExitLoop

So... what gives? Is this a bug in how InetGet() works? Thanks!

#234 No Bug GUIList.au3 error Michael W. Bayley <m_bayley@…>

The last time I tested/compiled the program (7/2007) this worked fine. I have not had occasion to play with the script since I have just been using the compiled version for a while. Something in the new include file has a problem.

Here is the error I get:

Line 749 (File "O:\Program Files\Development\Languages\AutoIt\Include\GUIList.au3"):

If Not _IsClassName ($h_listbox, "ListBox") Then Return SetError($LB_ERR, $LB_ERR, $LB_ERR) If Not ERROR

Error: Unknown function name.

#235 No Bug _GUICtrlListView_AddItem() VS GUICtrlCreateListViewItem() + Fix. Shlomikalfa@…

Issues: -> UDF - doesn't support Unicode. [But works smooth with no flicker.] -> Built-in - Flickers like a disco light , Re'draws the listview i think. [But support Unicode just fine!]

Please review the following topic as there is a UDF replied by one of the forum members which Combines both the benefits of the above, it doesn't flicker and it does support Unicode.

This is my first bug-report, hope i've done it right. LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!

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