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#3625 No Bug DllStructGetData() does not retrieve whole string containing null characters from array of WCHARs/CHARs tukangusil7

See my question on

I consider this as a bug because DllStructGetData() should retrieve an array of WCHARs/CHARs as it is.

To reduce script breaking changes, DllStructGetData() should by default only remove the last null character (if any). I also suggest there is an optional parameter to specify whether DllStructGetData() retrieves an array of WCHARs/CHARs as it is (including null terminator).

When using Native API functions in AutoIt, I found the current DllStructGetData() limitation annoys me because one of the reason to use Native API functions (i.e. registry operations) is that the Native API functions can deal with string containing null characters, which is an important ability for security programs.

#1199 Works For Me GUI is very sluggish with keyboard navigation and screen reader tspivey@…

With a screen reader, Autoit GUIs are very sluggish while navigating with the keyboard. As an example, there is a quite noticeable delay while navigating in the sample given at the end of this report. While using the NVDA screen reader (, the following occurs:

  1. When opening the GUI, focus is set to the first tree item (test0) as expected. However, the item

is stating that it is unchecked, and my script doesn't set it as checkable.

  1. If I press the down arrow to move down the tree, there is quite a large delay between the time I press the key and the time

my screen reader reads the item.

  1. When tabbing, there is a noticeable delay between the key and the reading of the item.

I've tried both message mode and OnEvent mode, and changing the value of WinWaitDelay. The outcome doesn't change.

The sample script:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
GUICreate("test", 500, 500)
$tree = GUICtrlCreateTreeView(10, 10, 60, 100)
GUICtrlCreateInput("", 100, 10, 290, 20)
GUICtrlCreateInput("", 100, 40, 290, 20)
dim $controls[10]
for $i = 0 to 9
$controls[$i] = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem("test"&$i, $tree)
guiCtrlSetState($controls[0], $GUI_FOCUS)
GuiSetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, "close")
    While 1
func close()

The output from _DebugBugReportEnv(): Environment = under WIN_VISTA/Service Pack 2 X86

#944 No Bug Self extractable file and documentation tsiu

I decompressed the self extractable file. The autoit3.chm is not working properly. On the left side there are the contents (with a tree structure). If i click on something, at the right side it says "Action failed, the internet explorer was unable to linkto the web page you requested".

Is there any kind of documentation for computers with no internet connection? A file that i can copy to an offline copmputer?

Thanks George

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