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#134 No Bug Add support for COM events to take ByRef parameters Valik Valik

We need to support objects being passed to COM events by reference. The attached script contains an example using Word. The comments at the top explain how to use the script and what to expect.

#135 Completed FileWrite, FileWriteLine extended to set write mode and pointer position Valik flyingboz@…

Suggested Syntax: FileWrite($filehandle,$line,[$pointer_position],{$insert_or_overwrite])

Suggested Behavior case $pointer_position >=0 AND < FileSize

insert or overwrite file contents with $line beginning at $pointer_position

case $pointer_position > filesize

move pointer to EOF (alternatively, we could pad filesize with NUL or space), then begin writing, like the unix 'touch' function.

case $pointer_position omitted or <0

current behavior, move pointer to EOF, append $line

Benefits Standardized methodology of inserting data into existing files at an arbitrary location. Performance and reliability improvements dealing with large files, or files that are used by more than one process. Provides functionality not directly present in windows api, not doable with a one line UDF / DllCall. New parameters optional, doesn't break existing scripts.

#136 Rejected FolderSelect Control in GUI i542

Well, as far as I go, I've been lacking an FolderSelect control. This would be such control like in FileSelectFolder and on GuiCtrlRead it would return a path to current folder. Comments welcome.

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