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#237 Rejected FileSearchLine() and _ArraySum() Jayowee (jay_paans@…

I have two ideas: 1) FileSearchLine("filename", "searchstring") which returns the (1-based) linenumber of the first occurense of the searchstring.

Possible script:

For $line= 1 To _FileCountLines($file)
 If FileReadLine($file, $line) = "searchstring" Then Return $line

Maybe a parameter could make this function return an array with all occurences (if more than one)...

2) _ArraySum($array) which simply adds up all of the arrays elements. I think a condition must be that all elements are numbers because you can't really add up strings.

Possible script:

Dim $sum=0
For $n= 1 To UBound($array)
 $sum += $array[$n]
Return $sum

I hope these are two ideas you guys can use. Jay

#241 Rejected new dllcall type anonymous

If possible "QWORD" type for the dllcall. Thanks in advance

#242 Duplicate _SoundLength don't work nopower_blackout@…

Hi, in the last version of autoit (, the function "_SoundLength" don't works correctly, and always return "00:00:00". But in the earlier versions like the, it works good.

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