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#2465 Fixed in _IEPropertyGet - out of date links in "ClientInfo Properties" Jpm mlipok

All links in "ClientInfo Properties" table are out of date

for example:

We are sorry. The page you requested cannot be found.
The URL may be misspelled or the page you're looking for is no longer available.
#604 Completed implement the transparency of all Ctrl Jpm vde75-forum@…


I use background picture for some app. But, some control are not pretty because I can not set the transparency background.

Can you implement for other control the


Like GUICtrlCreateGroup label, GUICtrlCreateCheckbox label, ...

GUICtrlCreateLabel is OK.


#2360 Rejected implement optional byref parameter passing to function JoeCool

Currently passing optional parameters is by value only...

I will love to have optional byref parameter passing

With the current syntax there is some problems tho

ex. the last parameter could be byref and optional

func blah( $x, byref $a, byref $b = 0) ... endfunc

Passing no value is not more difficult than before, I guess ... Passing something byref is just passing a pointer(of some sort on the stack).... (we need to deal with initiazation to something not 0)

Better solution maybe will be to have a optional specifier ...

func blah( $x, byref $a, opt byref $b , opt $c = 22 ) ... endfunc

because initializing byref var (a pointer) to something can be dangerous ... func blah( $x, byref $a, byref $b = 0x6666) ;not good endfunc

what do you thing .... it can be pretty useful I think

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