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#484 Fixed ObjGet failures Valik Spiff59

ObjGet doesn't seem to be doing what I expect it to. I placed files named "test.doc", "test.txt" and "test.xls" in my root folder and used the following code to test:

	$file = "C:\" & InputBox("","file?")
	$oExcel = ObjGet($file)
	If @error Then
		msgbox(1,"", "Path Not Found for: " & $file)
		msgbox(1,"", "Path Found for: " & $file)

ObjGet appears to be sometimes functioning like "FileExists", ruturning 0 whether the file is in use or not. Sometimes ObjGet works the first time a file is referenced, and then continues to report it (after thinking for a few seconds) as active long after the process was closed. Oddly, when referencing a previously opened .txt file, ObjGet consistantly causes autoit3.exe to abend with 0xc0000005 at offset 00042a376. Just with the .txt extension. Weird...

The only other factors that may be in play here that I can think of are that this PC did get the recent SP3 update to XP Pro, and that I'm running my tests interpretively, via SciTE, rather than as compiled stand-alones.


#485 Fixed missing related links in helpfile Gary Zedna

_WinAPI_CloseHandle _WinAPI_CreateFile _WinAPI_FlushFileBuffers _WinAPI_GetFileSizeEx _WinAPI_ReadFile _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile _WinAPI_SetFilePointer _WinAPI_WriteFile

All these "File operation" WinAPI functions should be linked each to other in their Related helpfile sections.

#493 Fixed GuiCtrlCreateDate Help example needs updating Valik ewieldra


GuiCtrlCreateDate help example needs updating

The example mentions @UNICODE which is not used anymore

Best regards,

Emiel Wieldraaijer

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