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#575 No Bug @ProgramFilesDir JPPercy

It doesn't work correctly in Windows Vista Portuguese.

MsgBox (0, "", @ProgramFilesDir )

My Windows Vista is in Portuguese, then it needs to return "c:\Arquivos de Programas" but it returns "c:\Program Files"

#2590 No Bug @ProgramFilesDir results different for AutoIt 32bit and 64bit install. dogsurfer

Shouldn't @ProgramFilesDir give the same results for compatible or native install?

@ProgramFilesDir results AutoIt 32bit install: C:\Program Files (x86) AutoIt 64bit install: C:\Program Files

Test script on Win7sp1-64bit:

MsgBox(0, @AutoItX64, @ProgramFilesDir)
#1527 Completed @ScriptDir & "\Test1.xls" Jpm Volly

The example script for _ExcelBookSaveAs points to @ScriptDir & "\Test1.xls". The file is missing from the examples folder. The example for _WordAttach does have the "Test.doc" file in the example folder. I know it is a simple thing to add the xls file to the folder to make it work, but would it not be better to add it to the build so that the example script can find the file? I also know the script will work in that it will display an error saying the file can't be found. However, isn't one of the points of the example script is to show how the command in question works in action?

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