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#143 Rejected PHP-Like #Include KentonBomb

I've seen this posted in the Support forums many times. The request is that #Include behaves more like it's PHP Counterpart.

For example:

If $cmdline[0] Then
     If $cmdline[1] = "blah1"
          #Include "FileOne.au3";
          #Include "FileTwo.au3";

As in, files aren't all automatically included. If they are called in a conditional loop, there can be a choice to Include a certain file. That is just one example where this could be useful. It could also be useful for including files based on different languages, et cetera.

#144 Rejected AutoIt AutoRecord Jon lifeforce4(at)

I don't know if this was requested before or even suggested. I was just wondering since you have the Window Info Tool. Ever thought about a Recording Tool? Where it could record Key strokes and/or mouse movements and clicks. I know for the most part typing in the commands will be better but some tasks are really annoying to figure out key strokes maybe tabbing 7 times. With myself I find I have to do it manually once and then can put the command {TAB 7} when it would be nice to have a recorder keeping track of the number as well as order of key strokes. AutoIt is great though already.

Thanks, Kyle

#145 Fixed IniWrite() and whitespaces Valik Lagoon

The IniWrite function requires two pairs of quotes, if any white spaces are to be included in the value argument. Is this expected functionality? If it is, perhaps it could be mentioned in the documentation.

const $FILE = "iniTest.ini"
const $SECTION = "test"

IniWrite($FILE, $SECTION, "key1", '"	!"') ; In my opinion the second pair of quotes shouldn't really be necessary.
$var = "whitespace:"  &  IniRead($FILE, $SECTION, "key1", "error")
MsgBox(262144,'Debug line ~' & @ScriptLineNumber,'Selection:' & @lf & '$var' & @lf & @lf & 'Return:' & @lf & $var) ;### Debug MSGBOX
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