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#1330 No Bug _GUICtrlListView_CreateSolidBitMap() - the same as _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap() Gary Zedna

_GUICtrlListView_CreateSolidBitMap in GUIListView.au3 include file is just wrapper over _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap without any added functionality and it has nothing to do with ListView control.

I think it should be deleted and in ListView examples where it's used it should be replaced by _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap

Example where it's used (there are more examples in helpfile) is in helpfile for _GUICtrlListView_CreateDragImage()

#1335 No Bug _ColorConvertRGBtoHSL incorrectly normalised to 240 Gary QED

At the end of the UDF, HSL values are multiplied by 240 for no reason.

	$avArray[0] = $nH * $_COLORCONSTANTS_HSLMAX
	$avArray[1] = $nS * $_COLORCONSTANTS_HSLMAX
	$avArray[2] = $nL * $_COLORCONSTANTS_HSLMAX



There is no documentaion in the help file other than an external link. According to that link, there is no normalisation to 240. Also Wiki does not show any normalisation to 240.

In the converse funtion _ColorConvertHSLtoRGB, the input HSL values have all been divided by 240 (incorrectly assuming input is normalised to 240).

#1336 Rejected Remove UDF hard-coded buffer sizes. Gary Valik

Using hard-coded buffer sizes is horrible programming. This ticket is a semi-meta ticket to cover #1317 and #1318 as well as all the unmentioned functions that use a fixed buffer size. All of these need fixed to use dynamically calculated buffer sizes.

See here for additional comments on fixed buffer sizes.

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