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#3793 Rejected Add project explorer and open folder options in scite Jos anonymous


Would it be possible to add Open folder in File menu. That would open folder in project explorer like view.

Alternative option would be View -> Project explorer that open project explorer view so that directory of currently open file would be as root directory.

I don't see need to add support of project in AutoIt itself. Simple file explorer panel on left side would be good enough. It would work like any other project explorer component - if file is open it would switch to tab that is open, if it is not open it would open that file on new tab.

Default would be hidden from user. Would only become visible when user requests it.

It would be nice addition to compact editor like scite. Users who download AutoIt would get it out of the box with out need to download Sublime or VS Code and install addons for them. Specially since Scite for Autoit is specially designed and customized to fit the needs of AutoIt.

For simplicity of implementation, no support of project files is needed. Just simple windows explorer side bar that displays files in tree form. Icons would be good to visually tell AutoIt files apart from other files. It would be best if it the same icons that windows itself uses. That way there would be no need to hardcode icons for it. And every other file would also automatically get correct icon.

It would be useful for splitting larger AutoIt files into multiple smaller ones making navigation easier than with tabs, specially when you have more than 3 files.

And finally I would like to add sample screenshot of what I mean visually.

#3792 Completed Map should have a count method Nine

Although it is very easy to get the count with UBound(MapKeys($mMap)), it requires creating a 1D array for nothing if you do not need it. Also, it can be quite time-expensive for a very large map.

#3791 Fixed Sort arrow not showing in _ArrayDisplay() Jpm pixelsearch

Bug described in this link :

========================== Test reproducing the issue :

    #include <Array.au3>
    Global $aSortTest[2][3] = [["1a", "1b", "1c"], ["2a", "2b", "2c"]]

Clicking on a column header doesn't show the sort arrow for either ascending or descending order.

========================== Cause : Line 563 in ArrayDisplayInternals.au3 (version sends a wrong message, because it uses a handle instead of a control id

Local $hHeader = HWnd(GUICtrlSendMsg($hWnd, 0x101F, 0, 0))

========================== How to fix this (lines 558 to 563)

/ Actual wrong code :

Func ArrayDisplay_RegisterSortCallBack($hWnd, $vCompareType = 2, $bArrows = True, $sSort_Callback = "ArrayDisplay_SortCallBack")


If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then $hWnd = GUICtrlGetHandle($hWnd)

;~ Local Const $LVM_GETHEADER = (0x1000 + 31) ; 0x101F

Local $hHeader = HWnd(GUICtrlSendMsg($hWnd, 0x101F, 0, 0))

/ Suggested correct code :

Func ArrayDisplay_RegisterSortCallBack($ControlID, $vCompareType = 2, $bArrows = True, $sSort_Callback = "ArrayDisplay_SortCallBack")


;~ Local Const $LVM_GETHEADER = (0x1000 + 31) ; 0x101F

Local $hHeader = HWnd(GUICtrlSendMsg($ControlID, 0x101F, 0, 0))

Local $hWnd = GUICtrlGetHandle($ControlID)

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