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#3251 No Bug @ScriptLineNumber as optional parameter in stripped script not working as expectde cosote@…

@ScriptLineNumber as optional parameter is quite useful for custom debug/trace functions. And the value is from caller scope as I hoped. Unfortunately the Au3Stripper /rsln is not putting the line# in function call, rather as default option in func declaration. Only work-a-round I see currently is putting the @ScriptLineNumber in all calls as parameter...

#687 No Bug @Unicode exodius

Per the Changelog dated 16th May, 2008 - v3.2.12.0: Changed: @Unicode renamed in @AutoItUnicode. @Unicode is an alias for now. It will be removed >

@AutoItUnicode appears in the Macro Reference list/Index of the current production version ( but doesn't appear in Macro Reference list/Index of the current Beta(

GuiCtrlCreateDate's example still uses @Unicode.

And finally, neither @AutoItUnicode nor @Unicode appear in the SciTe lexer/suggestions (so the use of either throws potential error warnings).

#998 Rejected @VirtualDesktopWidth + @VirtualDesktopHeight + @DesktopMonitors Valik Zedna

According to this topic

It will be good to add new macros

@VirtualDesktopWidth @VirtualDesktopHeight

for multi monitor machines.


$VirtualDesktopWidth = DLLCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN)
$VirtualDesktopWidth = $VirtualDesktopWidth[0]

$VirtualDesktopHeight = DLLCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN)
$VirtualDesktopHeight = $VirtualDesktopHeight[0]

Maybe also: @DesktopMonitors - number of display monitors on a desktop

$DesktopMonitors = DLLCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_CMONITORS)
$DesktopMonitors = $DesktopMonitors[0]

MSDN link for GetSystemMetrics:

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