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#274 Fixed AutoIt V2 Website Bert

Is it still supported since you made the V2 forum and Archive (AutoIt2 will continue to be available for download and supported to enable legacy scripts to be used.) [The supported link is not leading to the archive]? Also, on the downloads page for it, the link for AutoIt Script Editor, is broken. Thats really all I found.

Thanks Guys,

#276 No Bug $GUI_DISABLE on a control blocks OnEvent ESC button msg smashly

Run the code below, Hit the ESC key and it works as it should. Run the code again and hit the Log In button and then hit the ESC key. Until the GUI has lost focus and gained focus again the ESC key will not work. The problem can be replicated in earlier versions of autoit as well.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
Opt("GUICloseOnESC", 1)

Global $mW = @DesktopWidth, $mH = @DesktopHeight

$hMain = GUICreate("Point Of Sale", $mW, $mH, 0, 0)
GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, "MainEvent", $hMain)

$LogIn = GUICtrlCreateButton("Log In", ($mW / 2) - 75, ($mH / 2) + 25, 150, 20)
GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "MainEvent")

GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hMain)

While 1

Func MainEvent()
	Switch @GUI_CtrlId
		Case $LogIn
			GUICtrlSetState($LogIn, $GUI_DISABLE)
EndFunc   ;==>MainEvent

#278 No Bug Au3Check reporting syntax errors on dictionary object. aGorilla

It reported this as a syntax error, but the code seems to be working fine:

  • $App('App_Retries') += 1
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