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#2037 Fixed COM speed deterioration trancexx trancexx

User Ascend4nt reported this.

So the beta COM interface has slowed down tremendously. I know there's been major changes, but this is a huge performance difference. I'm seeing between 4-5x slower speed on the code below on beta and, versus the production (Use it with at least one folder with a few hundred or so items, thats where the performance difference is most noticeable):

; ==========================================================================================================================
; Func _ObjectSHFolderViewFromWin($hWnd)
; Returns an 'ShellFolderView' Object for the given Window handle
; Author: Ascend4nt, based on code by KaFu, klaus.s
; ==========================================================================================================================
Func _ObjectSHFolderViewFromWin($hWnd)
    If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then Return SetError(1,0,0)
    Local $oShell,$oShellWindows,$oIEObject,$oSHFolderView
    ; Shell Object
    If Not IsObj($oShell) Then Return SetError(2,0,0)
;   Get a 'ShellWindows Collection' object
    $oShellWindows = $oShell.Windows()
    If Not IsObj($oShellWindows) Then Return SetError(3,0,0)
;   Iterate through the collection - each of type 'InternetExplorer' Object
    For $oIEObject In $oShellWindows
        If $oIEObject.HWND = $hWnd Then
            ; InternetExplorer->Document = ShellFolderView object
            If IsObj($oSHFolderView) Then Return $oSHFolderView
            Return SetError(4,0,0)
    Return SetError(-1,0,0)
; ==========================================================================================================================
; Func _ExplorerWinGetAllItems($hWnd)
; Author: Ascend4nt, based on code by klaus.s, KaFu
; ==========================================================================================================================
Func _ExplorerWinGetAllItems($hWnd)
    If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then Return SetError(1,0,'')
    Local $oSHFolderView,$oFolderItem,$oFolderItems
    Local $iTotal,$iCounter=2,$aItems[2] = [0, ""]
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error,0,'')
;   Folder->FolderItems Collection
    $oFolderItems = $oSHFolderView.Folder.Items
    $iTotal = $oFolderItems.Count
    Dim $aItems[$iTotal+2]  ; 2 extra -> 1 for count [0], 1 for Folder path [1]
;   ShellFolderView->Folder->Self as 'FolderItem'->Path
    For $oFolderItem In $oFolderItems
        $aItems[$iCounter] = $oFolderItem.Path
        $iCounter += 1
    Return SetExtended($iCounter-2,$aItems)
EndFunc   ;==>_ExplorerWinGetAllItems
; ==========================================================================================================================
; ==========================================================================================================================
#include <Array.au3>
ConsoleWrite("AutoIt Version:"&@AutoItVersion&@CRLF)
For $i = 1 To $aWinList[0][0]
    $aSelection = _ExplorerWinGetAllItems($aWinList[$i][1])
    ConsoleWrite("Time:"&TimerDiff($iTimer)&" ms"&@CRLF)
    _ArrayDisplay($aSelection, "Explorer Instance #" & $i & " / " & $aWinList[$i][0])
#1939 Rejected Be able to put some text in a Progress control trac-autoit@…

Hi there,

This is a little feature request for Progress control (Created by GUICtrlCreateProgress).

It would be great to have the ability to put some text in it. Like the percent of progression or any other text.

I know this can be done using extra GDI+ libraries but they are complicated and quite buggy sometimes.

Thank your for your work.

Thibaut LinuxLive USB Creator Project (

#338 Rejected Run scripts with no need to save them Jos torels

I think it's a good idea to insert a "Run" voice in SciTe which runs the script even if it's not saved

I wrote an AutoIt script which does the work, but it would be much better in LUA, even because the script I wrote always comes up with a message from SciTe asking me to save the file. By clicking NO the script starts.

I came uo with this:

#include <file.au3>
$file = _TempFile(@TempDir,"~",".au3")
$oldclip = ClipGet()
$AutoItProdexePath = RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3\AutoIt", "InstallDir")
$AutoItexePath = $AutoItProdexePath

Run('"' & $AutoItexePath & '\AutoIt3.exe "' & ' "' & $file & '"')


Func _ReadScite()
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

; Read text from SciTE (already open)
WinWait("[CLASS:SciTEWindow; INSTANCE:1]")
$hSciTE = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:SciTEWindow; INSTANCE:1]")
ControlFocus($hSciTE, "", "[CLASS:Scintilla; INSTANCE:1]")
ControlSend($hSciTE, "", "[CLASS:Scintilla; INSTANCE:1]", "^a")
ControlSend($hSciTE, "", "[CLASS:Scintilla; INSTANCE:1]", "^c")
ControlSend($hSciTE, "", "[CLASS:Scintilla; INSTANCE:1]", "{left}")

return ClipGet()

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