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#1421 Works For Me GUIRichEdit UDF added line break Gary TSGarp

every StreamToVar / StreamToFile adds a line break to the rtf-text after a few loads and saves you will have a document with several line breaks at the end

#1443 No Bug Error in ExcelCom_udf (Excelbookopen) Gary wimhek

When Sheet1 is deleted in the workbook, Func _ExcelBookOpen gives an error. I modified line 260 :

; .ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Select() ;;; Modified WH

#1491 Rejected Create a Dictionary UDF which creates a Scripting.Dictionary object Gary aemcasa@…

Dictionaries are a very common and useful type of data container. In this Trac database and in the AutoIt forums there descriptions of several ways in which dictionary objects can be created in AutoIt.

In particular in the issue #61 of this Trac database there is an explanation of how to use the Scripting.Dictionary class and the ObjCreate() function to create a Dictionary object.

While this is a good solution, which seems to work on all versions of windows, it suffers from the fact that it is not built into AutoIt. Thus I propose that a very simple Dictionary UDF should be created and added to the AutoIt standard library. This UDF would basically contain a single function, Dictionary(), which would return a Dictionary object. Additional helper functions could be added to simply tasks such as Dictionary to string conversion and viceversa, etc.

I would be willing to create this UDF library. I just need to know whether it would be acceptable to do so (assuming that it passes the required code and documentation quality).

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