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#799 No Bug @appdatadir bugged vista 64bit anonymous

Somepeople had problems with my autoit program because a folder in the appdata dir was not found. Today I heard they have got all Vista 64bit. I said he should create a little program msgbox(0,"test",@appdatadir), but the window is empty. The @appdatadir function returns nothing. I can't find out more about the problem because i don't use a 64bit operatingsysteme.

#3140 Fixed @error Description mLipok


Please consider better describe the significance and usage of the keyword @error


@error = 0 ;is always success

should be worded like this

@error = 0 ; always means success

ps. I do not do it myself, because of my still poor knowledge of English


#229 Rejected @error and @extended not returning appropriate values for BinaryToString if input binary string contains 00 steve8tch

I have done some testing. BinaryToString will return the a value up to when it sees the first "00" in the Binary String. The problem is @error still shows 0 - so the return value may or may not contain any values depending on the position of any "00" entries in the Binary string. We have no way to easily test the output from BinaryToString for any "00" values in input Binary String

;binary to string test
;Binary message consisting of a "length component" followed by the string part
$err = 99
$ext = 99
$bin_msg = "0x0000000548656C6C6F"
;To get hold of sting part of message I do this
$bin_str = "0x" & StringTrimLeft($bin_msg,10)
$rtn = BinaryToString($bin_str)
$err = @error
$ext = @extended
msgbox(0,"This works OK","$rtn = " & $rtn & @CRLF & "$err = " & $err & @CRLF & "$ext = " & $ext)
;This suggests that BinaryToString function is returning @error and @extended
; but...
$rtn = BinaryToString($bin_msg)
$err = @error
$ext = @extended
;This does not work - no error, no extended and actually causes Msgbox() to work incorrectly
msgbox(0,"Where are the $err and $ext entries ?","$rtn = " & $rtn & @CRLF & "$err = " & $err & @CRLF & "$ext = " & $ext)
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