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#279 Rejected AddressOfVar($VariableName), SizeOfVar($VariableName) Zedna

These new functiona will return memory Address/Size Of given AutoIt's Variable so we can use some pointers/typecast tricks. For example create structure "over" that memory and then get data in another type

$MemPointer = AddressOfVar($a)
$MemSize = SizeOfVar($a)
$struct = DllStructCreate("byte[" & $MemSize & "]", $MemPointer)
$data = DllStructGetData($struct, 1)

I'm sure there will be another uses of this functionality together with AutoIt's DllCall() and structures and memory API functions.

#281 Rejected CLI and help anonymous

Request here for CLI (command line interface)

and need user32.dll and kernel.dll actions listed in help file

#283 No Bug Duplicated Windows Messages anonymous

All the windows messages (codes) in the help file are duplicated

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