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#158 No Bug ControlClick not working on some Vista windows. llombard@…

AutoIT Version:

This problem is observed trying to click the "Open Network and Sharing Center" Link on the "Connect to a network" window in Vista. You will need a wireless card on a vista machine in order to run this script. The script expects the card name to be 'Wireless' but this can be changed by changing the $adapter variable. I have put in two different ControlClick attempts, both of which should work, but do not. I have commented them as such. I have attached the code as well.

CODE {{ global $NCTITLE = "Network Connections" global $NETWORKSCONTROL = "SysListView321" global $adapter = "Wireless"

;Launch Network Properties page Run ("control.exe ncpa.cpl")

WinActivate ($NCTITLE) sleep (100)

;Select wireless adaptor ControlListView($NCTITLE, "", $NETWORKSCONTROL, "Select", ControlListView($NCTITLE,"",$NETWORKSCONTROL,"FindItem",$adapter) ) sleep (200)

;Get drop down options for Adaptor - same as right click ControlSend($NCTITLE, "", $NETWORKSCONTROL, "+{F10}") sleep (100)

;select Connect/Disconnect ControlSend($NCTITLE, "", $NETWORKSCONTROL, "o") sleep(200)

WinActivate ("Connect to a network")

;Both of these variants should work but don't ControlClick ("Connect to a network", "", 1007) ControlClick ("Connect to a network", "", "SysLink4") }}

#159 Completed Add a Date: header in _inetsmtpmail Jpm grand-pa@…

E-mails sent with _inetsmtpmail do not include a Date: header line. So a mail client like Thunderbird "dates" those e-mails to 01/01/1970.

I've modified the function in Inet.au3 this way :

"Mime-Version: 1.0" & @CRLF & _
"Date: " & _DateDayOfWeek(@WDAY, 1) & ", " & @MDAY & " " & _DateToMonth(@MON, 1) & " " & @YEAR & " " & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC & @CRLF & _
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII" & @CRLF & _

(I've only added the line begining with "Date: )

Ideally, the timezone (eg. +0600) should be added after the time.

#160 Rejected FileGetTime - Date UDF compatible format WeaponX

FileGetTime string format is not compatible with any of the Date UDF functions. Since this is the only internal function dealing with time I think it would be easier to change than all of the Date* functions.

Can we add an option 3 to output date/time in this format? "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS"

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