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#2477 Rejected FileInstall() to use the same Flag values as FileCopy to create destination directory Bowmore


I made a feature request for this 6 years ago, (ticket #47), which was rejected at the time due to a proposed re-write of the FileInstall() code. Would it be possible for someone to have another look at this some time.

I would like FileInstall() to use the same Flag parameter values as FileCopy(), by adding an option to be able to create the FileInstall destination folder structure if it does not exist when the script is run and the file installs.

Quote:form FileCopy help

flag [optional] 
this flag determines whether to overwrite files if they already exist.
Can be a combination of the following:
 0 = (default) do not overwrite existing files
 1 = overwrite existing files
 8 = Create destination directory structure if it doesn't exist (See Remarks). 
#1266 Works For Me Compile not found in context menu of 64bit windows Jon BrammerTheHammer@…

There is no compile found in the context menu of 64 bit Windows. I remember there being one in 32bit WinXP, but this option is not present in 64bit versions of WinXP, Vista, and Win7. This was a very useful and time saving option, that I would like to see in 64 bit version. I have not tested to see if the compile option shows up in a 32 bit explorer window run under the 64 bit OS (if you do not understand this statement please ignore).

I installed AutoIt 3.3.0 with 64 bit support.

Thank you.

#1921 Wont Fix _ArrayUnique BrewManNH

It states in the help file that _ArrayUnique "Returns the Unique Elements of a 1-dimensional array.", fundamentally this is incorrect. What _ArrayUnique does is it returns a 1-dimensional array, while the incoming array can be multi-dimensioned. If you use the $iDimension parameter you can tell it to only return the unique items on whichever column you'd like.

See the example below, it will return the unique items from the 3rd column (first column is 1 when using _ArrayUnique)

#include <Array.au3>
Local $Array[4][6] = [["FirstName", "LastName", "IDNumber", "Location", "Grade", "Action"],["john", "smith", "111222", "Denver", "2", "enroll"],["jack", "jones", "333444", "denver", "4", "withdraw"],["jack", "jones", "333444", "lasvegas", "4", "enroll"]]
$Array = _ArrayUnique($Array, 3)

It would be nice if the documentation could be changed to reflect the true usage of the function.

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