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#2131 Rejected A new #include directive to load a script but not run it. Koder <rick2000@…>

This directive would be used in the main script to include any other script. It would be used to load the functions and other global variable definitions within a script, but it would not execute that script at load time.

Possible names:

#include-norun    <myscript.au3>
#include-load     <myscript.au3>
#include-loadonly <myscript.au3>
#include-resource <myscript.au3>

This include directive would allow any script to become a resource. It would also reduce the chance of executing unintentional code, like debug/testing code within an included file.

Obfuscator may need be updated to recognize the new include directive and strip executable code before joining with the main script.

#1826 Rejected A request about XML Files irmr.AHR@…

Would you mind adding reading and writing xml files tools in next versions of AutoIt .

#2068 Fixed ACos() bug Valik Spiff59

The x86 version of the ACos() function seems to go south after six calls. The example below returns the value of pi for six calls, and then returns the string "-1.#IND" on all subsequent calls. The bug exhibits itself both within SciTE and in "compiled" executables. Beta behaves identically.

#include <Array.au3>
Global $result[11]

For $x = 1 to 10
	$result[$x] = ACos(-1)
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