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#2014 Rejected Updated Array.au3 UDF to be used with 2D arrays Gary BrewManNH

I have modified several of the _Array functions, that previously only handled 1D arrays, to handle both 1D and 2D arrays. I added 4 new array functions, 2 of which are modified versions of the 1D array functions with similar names. This collection of UDFs can take the place of the standard _Array functions without any code changes as they are just additional functionality with any added parameters being added at the end, and with default settings applied.

There is also an updated _ArrayDisplay function included which autosizes the GUI and the listview column widths.

This is a list of the functions included and I've marked the ones that have been modified. ; #CURRENT# ============================================================= ;_ArrayAdd * ;_ArrayBinarySearch * ;_ArrayCombinations ;_ArrayConcatenate * ;_ArrayDelete ;_ArrayDisplay * ;_ArrayFindAll ;_ArrayInsert * ;_ArrayMax * ;_ArrayMaxIndex ;_ArrayMin * ;_ArrayMinIndex ;_ArrayPermute ;_ArrayPop * ;_ArrayPush * ;_ArrayReverse * ;_ArraySearch ;_ArraySort ;_ArraySwap ;_ArrayToClip * ;_ArrayToString * ;_ArrayTrim * ;_ArrayUnique (Corrected the header information) ; * - #MODIFIED FUNCTIONS# ; ============================================================= ; #NEW FUNCTIONS ADDED# ; ============================================================= ;_ArrayAddColumns ;_ArrayDeleteColumn ;_ArrayMaxIndex2D ;_ArrayMinIndex2D ; =============================================================

#2083 Fixed AU3Record.exe error "missing MSVCR100.dll" when trying to run it Valik BrewManNH

When trying to run AU3Record.exe I get the following message.

The program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

If I use the version that shipped with it works without a problem.

#2126 Completed _ArrayDisplay not able to display all elements of an array guinness BrewManNH

There appears to be an undocumented change to _ArrayDisplay since at least, either the wrong version was put into the Array.au3 file or it was changed since without being mentioned. The version in the latest release (and the beta) will not display all of the elements in an array if the array has more than 65,530 elements.

The older version didn't have this limitation because this code:

; Fill listview
Local $aItem
For $i = 0 To $iUBound
	If GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($avArrayText[$i], $hListView) = 0 Then
		; use GUICtrlSendMsg() to overcome AutoIt limitation
		$aItem = StringSplit($avArrayText[$i], $sSeparator)
		DllStructSetData($tBuffer, "Text", $aItem[1])
			; Add listview item
		DllStructSetData($tItem, "Item", $i)
		DllStructSetData($tItem, "SubItem", 0)
		DllStructSetData($tItem, "Mask", $iAddMask)
		GUICtrlSendMsg($hListView, $_ARRAYCONSTANT_LVM_INSERTITEMW, 0, $pItem)
			; Set listview subitem text
		DllStructSetData($tItem, "Mask", $_ARRAYCONSTANT_LVIF_TEXT)
		For $j = 2 To $aItem[0]
			DllStructSetData($tBuffer, "Text", $aItem[$j])
			DllStructSetData($tItem, "SubItem", $j - 1)
			GUICtrlSendMsg($hListView, $_ARRAYCONSTANT_LVM_SETITEMW, 0, $pItem)

Has been replaced by this code:

; Fill listview
For $i = 0 To $iUBound
	GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($avArrayText[$i], $hListView)

Which, as you can see, uses the native function to create the LV items, which is limited by the number of Control IDs available to do so.

Just wondering if this is as intended or if there is a problem to report.

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