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#3771 Completed $COLOR_ORANGE is missing in ColorConstants.au3 Jpm RTFC

Orange, one of the basic secondary colours is missing in the color constants. How can one live without orange in this world? I can't. I'm very sad now... I personally like 0xff8c00, but 0xff4500 and 0xffa500 have also been proposed.

#3770 Duplicate Invalid calculation when using exponential form anonymous

This mathematical expression returns into error:


But this works fine:


As well as this:

$t=3e5 +5e3

The difference between examples makes clear to understand the reason of error. Wrong interpretation of exponential form of a number if not using spaces or brackets for mathematical operation.

#3769 Rejected automatic user UDFs and/or all included files calltips parsing Jos matwachich@…

it will be nice if SciTE would parse all included files in the current script, to extract calltips.

This will have 2 benefits:

  • User UDFs functions will be automatically added to calltips popup
  • In big programs split in many source files, all functions declared in some source file, will be accessible to all files as calltips when editing.
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