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#665 No Bug _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth et al. lack proper typecasting in GUICtrlSendMsg sys55@…

Bug: _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth et al. lack proper typecasting in GUICtrlSendMsg

Description: the $iWidth parameter in _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($hWnd, $iCol, $iWidth) causes the UDF to run havock when $iWidth is a numeric string. E.g.: _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($ListView, 0, 100) works fine but _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($ListView, 0, "100") doesn't.

This bug was found calling the UDF with a numeric value read from file as a string. The UDF source reveals that GUICtrlSendMsg is called without typecasting to the correct lParam type. Appearently GUICtrlSendMsg doesn't do it either, which is an even more severe bug.

Demo: slightly extended demo from _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth demo in help file. See below.

#AutoIt3Wrapper_au3check_parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6
#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GuiListView.au3>

$Debug_LV = False ; Check ClassName being passed to ListView functions, set to True and use a handle to another control to see it work


Func _Main()
	Local $hListView

	GUICreate("ListView Set Column Width", 400, 300)
	$hListView = GUICtrlCreateListView("Column 1|Column 2|Column 3|Column 4", 2, 2, 394, 268)

	; Change column 1 width
	MsgBox(4160, "Information", "Column 1 Width: " & _GUICtrlListView_GetColumnWidth($hListView, 0))
	_GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($hListView, 0, 150)
	MsgBox(4160, "Information", "Column 1 Width: " & _GUICtrlListView_GetColumnWidth($hListView, 0))
; next setting cases wrong setting/shows bug
	$temp = "200"
	_GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($hListView, 0, $temp)
	MsgBox(4160, "Information", "Column 1 Width: " & _GUICtrlListView_GetColumnWidth($hListView, 0))

	; Loop until user exits

EndFunc   ;==>_Main
#670 No Bug Listviews with checkboxes doesn't work "properly" my opinion anonymous

I'm too lazy right now to take apart my code to show an example, so hopefully what I say is understandable. I set up a listview in conjunction with a WM_Notify function. When the CELL of the checkbox is clicked, it registers but the box isn't checked, which throws off my function. I believe that if the surrounding cell is clicked the checkbox should be checked as well. If this is not a "bug" I think this should be how it functions...unless there is a specific reason why it isn't like that.

Note: As a workaround I tried to put in the function to check if the checkbox is checked after there is a register on that item and then check it if it isn't if someone clicks the surrounding cell...but that doesn't work at all.

#673 No Bug Wrong priority of logic operators amel27
True Or True And False

return False, but equivalent expression

True Or (True And False)

return True

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