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#1889 Rejected _ArrayDisplay optionaly display columns in hex. Gary 436602556274@…

Feature reuest for function: _ArrayDisplay(Const ByRef $avArray ....

should recieve an additional optional parameter [,$sHexDisplay] ...

Parameter $HexDisplay in the form of a string of "0" and "1". Like this $sHexDisplay="01001" ::

means columns 2+5 should displayed in hex, all other normal. Columns higher than the length of the string defaults to normal display.

3 Lines of Code (one of them is only a comment line) Modified header:

  Func _ArrayDisplay(Const ByRef $avArray, $sTitle = "Array: ListView Display", _ 
$iItemLimit = -1,  $iTranspose = 0, $sSeparator = "", $sReplace = "|", _
 $sHeader = "", '''$sHexDisplay = 0''')

immediate before(/after) comment" ; Set header up"

; build a string for each column "1" for hex- or  "0" or normal- display
Local $vHex = $sHexDisplay&_stringrepeat(0,$iSubMax-stringlen($sHexDisplay))

and after behind the comment:" ; Add to text array"

If stringmid($vHex,$j+1,1)  <> 0 Then $vTmp = _StringToHex($vTmp)

This function seems to be mainly a testing tool, so i think, it for other users a helpful feature too.

#1897 Wont Fix _DateDiff(), Suggestion (minor fix), Returns Double type instead of Int. Gary mvg

UDF: Date.au3 Issue: _DateDiff() returns Double type instead of Int type. Original:

Local $aDaysDiff = _DateToDayValue($asEndDatePart[1], $asEndDatePart[2], $asEndDatePart[3]) - _DateToDayValue($asStartDatePart[1], $asStartDatePart[2], $asStartDatePart[3])

Modifications: 1) var rename: $aDaysDiff -> $iDaysDiff (only used in _DateDiff() function) 2) code change: +Int(...)

Local $iDaysDiff = int(_DateToDayValue($asEndDatePart[1], $asEndDatePart[2], $asEndDatePart[3]) - _DateToDayValue($asStartDatePart[1], $asStartDatePart[2], $asStartDatePart[3]))

Additional: 3) var rename: $iJulianDate -> $nJulianDate (all functions)

(#870 ... Naa, that can't be it.)

#1911 Wont Fix _WinAPI_MsgBox Gary anonymous

Func _WinAPI_MsgBox($iFlags, $sTitle, $sText)

BlockInput(0) MsgBox($iFlags, $sTitle, $sText & " ")

EndFunc ;==>_WinAPI_MsgBox

This function in UDF is fake because it is not used directly call of WinAPI.

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